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With all the information available today regarding bankruptcy, it is no surprise that much of the information is either misleading or false. In some cases, companies may lie to you to get your business or to keep you from moving forward with filing for bankruptcy.

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Life's financial curveballs can strike unexpectedly and sideline you from paying bills, debts, and meeting your day-to-day needs. When experiencing financial adversity, declaring bankruptcy can help you remedy your situation and get a fresh start.

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The bill provides Key bankruptcy provisions within Sect. 1113 of the CARES Act changes eligibility threshold for businesses filing under new subchapter V of chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code from $2,725,625 of debt to $7,500,000; this is incredibly beneficial to aiding small businesses recover thru bankruptcy.

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When it comes to filing for bankruptcy, some Los Angeles residents may think it is a very easy process — as if someone can just up and file without much hassle. Other residents may think it is more complicated than it actually is, and thus incorrectly decide that bankruptcy is not the route for them.

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