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A short sale can be an attractive way for some people to resolve an underwater mortgage. By doing a short sale, however, you could expose yourself to significant tax liabilities. Before you take that route, you need to understand the potential tax implications.

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In a short sale, the property owner gives up ownership of a property, and in turn, the lender agrees to forgive the mortgage debt. Forgiven debt can be considered taxable income in some situations. For a property owner facing financial difficulty, doing a short sale can compound the problem.

If you find yourself in this situation, it may better to consider other debt relief solutions such as Chapter 7 bankruptcy. In Chapter 7, you can get the property and its mortgage debt (including junior mortgages) off your hands without incurring any tax liabilities. You can also obtain a complete discharge of many unsecured debts in just a few months.

Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyer Giovanni Orantes has extensive experience in Chapter 7 and other types of bankruptcy proceedings. When you retain our firm, Mr. Orantes will develop the optimal debt relief plan for you. 

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