Bankruptcy Litigation

At the Orantes Law Firm, in Los Angeles, we represent debtors, creditors, landlords, asset purchasers and other parties in all types of bankruptcy litigation. We handle proceedings in bankruptcy courts in California, New York, Delaware, Arizona, Texas, and other states. Our clients have ranged from individuals and small businesses to businesses with annual earnings of hundreds of millions of dollars. We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

The most common types of bankruptcy litigation are preference litigation and fraudulent conveyance or transfer:

  • Preference litigation may occur whenever a creditor receives payment from a debtor within 90 days prior to filing bankruptcy. The court may force the creditor to return the payment unless it can show that the payment was not preferential.
  • An asset sale may be considered fraudulent conveyance if the buyer pays less than fair value for the asset. Fraudulent conveyance is also known as a fraudulent transfer. If the court determines the sale was fraudulent, the buyer could be forced to either return the asset or pay the difference between the sale price and the fair value.

Prior to establishing the Orantes Law Firm, attorney Giovanni Orantes worked for firms specializing in bankruptcy and general litigation, including a full-service international firm with the largest bankruptcy department in the United States and the firm that handled the largest number of business reorganizations in Southern California.

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