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How the Automatic Stay in Bankruptcy Protects You

When you file bankruptcy, an injunction known as the automatic stay goes into effect immediately. The automatic stay makes it illegal for creditors to take any action to collect debts that you owe. While there are a few exceptions to the automatic stay, one of the main reasons to file bankruptcy is to obtain protection from creditors.

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Once you file bankruptcy, creditors cannot:

  • Call you
  • Send collection letters
  • Harass you
  • Sue you
  • Repossess secured assets such as a car
  • Take your property
  • Garnish your wages or bank accounts
  • Take any other actions to collect a debt
  • Foreclose on your home

If the creditor continues to harass you after you file bankruptcy, you may be able to take legal action against the creditor.

There are some exceptions to the automatic stay. For example, your ex-spouse can still obtain a court order to collect back child support. If you omit a creditor from the list of creditors in your bankruptcy filing, that creditor can pursue collection activities. A landlord can evict you from your apartment.

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