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Bankruptcy Lawyer in Los Angeles, Irvine and Woodland Hills | Abogado de Bancarrota en Los Angeles, Irvine y Woodland Hills

The right representation can make all the difference when your financial future is on the line. Whether you are about to lose your home to foreclosure or have your wages garnished or you want to find a way to save your business, finding the right lawyer is the first step. At the Orantes Law Firm, we strive to find all options to assist our clients unlike firms that offer cheap bankruptcy filings but forego important steps that can cause complications in the future due to omitting creditors or by failing to take the necessary steps to have your case suceed. With the Orantes Law Firm you will receive a full bankruptcy service at a competitive price.  

Bankruptcy attorney Giovanni Orantes has been protecting the rights of individuals and businesses for more than two decades. As a lawyer who handles both individual and business bankruptcy, Mr. Orantes can help you explore all of your options.

La representación correcta puede hacer toda la diferencia cuando su futuro financiero está en riesgo. Ya sea que esté a punto de perder su casa por juicio hipotecario o embargo o si quiere encontrar una forma de poder rescatar su negocio, encontrar el abogado correcto para su problema es el primer paso. En la Oficinas del Abogado Orantes, nosotros nos esforzamos en encontrar todas las opciones disponibles para asistir a nuestros clientes, no como otros servicios que ofrecen someter su bancarrota a un precio bajo, pero fallan en seguir pasos esenciales que pueden causar complicaciones en el futuro por haber omitido a un acreedor o no tomar los pasos necesarios para que su caso sea exitoso. Con el Abogado Orantes usted recibirá un servicio de bancarrota completo a un precio competitivo. 

El Abogado de Bancarrota Giovanni Orantes ha estado protegiendo los derechos de individuales y negocios por más de dos décadas. Como un abogado que toma a cargo bancarrotas individuales y de negocios, el Señor Orantes puede ayudarle a explorar todas sus opciones. 

Make Bankruptcy Laws Work for You

Attorney Giovanni Orantes began his legal career more than a decade ago as a law clerk for a bankruptcy judge. Since that time, he has dedicated his career to bankruptcy law.

Prior to opening his own law practice, Mr. Orantes worked for renowned law firms focusing on litigation and bankruptcy, including a full-service international firm with the largest bankruptcy department in the United States and the firm that handled the largest number of business reorganizations in Southern California.

Today, Mr. Orantes uses his extensive bankruptcy law experience to help individuals and small and medium-sized businesses get a fresh start. As a boutique bankruptcy law practice, he is able to provide the highest quality services at a fraction of the price charged by large law firms. Under Mr. Orantes’ guidance, our firm is prepared to handle a wide range of debt-related cases, including bankruptcy and protection of creditors’ rights.

Our firm has helped a wide range of clients get the debt relief they deserve. We have helped churches, seafood distributors and many businesses that have incurred debts as a result of aggressive expansion. We have successfully helped businesses and entrepreneurs with millions of dollars in debt and individuals with multiple properties. We have also defended many businesses sued in bankruptcy cases for preferential or fraudulent transfers.

No matter what debt issue you are facing, we will be there for you every step of the way.

Use Las Leyes de Bancarrota para su Ventaja

El Abogado Giovanni Orantes comenzó su carrera legal hace más de una década como escribiente legal de un juez de la corte de bancarrota. Desde ese tiempo el se ha dedicado a una carrera en ley de bancarrota.

Antes de abrir su propia oficina legal, el Señor Orantes trabajo en oficinas legales reconocidas en litigación y bancarrota, incluyendo una oficina legal internacional con servicios completo en el departamento de bancarrota más grande en los Estados Unidos y en una oficina legal que tomaba a cargo la cantidad más grande de casos de reorganización de negocios en el Sur de California

Nuestras oficinas han ayudado a una multitud de clientes poder obtener alivio de las deudas. Hemos ayudado a iglesias, a distribuidores de mariscos y a muchos negocios que han incurrido deudas por resultado de expansión agresiva o desgracia. Nosotros hemos tenido éxito ayudando a negocios y a empresarios o empresarias con millones de dólares en deudas y a individuos con múltiples propiedades. También hemos defendido a muchos negocios que han sido demandados en casos de bancarrota por transferencia preferencial o fraudulentas. 

No importa qué tipo de problema tenga con sus deudas, nosotros estaremos con usted en cada paso. 


Below is an actual letter we received from a client:

"Dear Giovanni, there are a handful of times in my life where I can look back and say, that was better and above and beyond anything I would have expected. My luck along the way aside, I am talking about professionalism, personal care, going above and beyond and not even a shock at what that costs. I think once before in all seriousness has this occurred and now, again.

I came to you that day completely at the mercy of not knowing anything or anyone in anyway attached to bankruptcy, no referral nothing, your attention to my case was so sincere I trusted you immediately and turns out, I could. Its been a few weeks now and I am still, in complete shock, the load of emotional stress this debt has weighed me with is almost gone, I am still waiting for the 'catch' and cant believe it's done. I have three cards now all paid in full and am saving for my future for the first time.

My marriage has taken off again, my relationships with family and friends and most of all myself, have gone sky high from freedom and I owe it to you and Norma. Being a business man myself I wanted to let you know how the ambassadors of your name, your staff, are representing you. From the first day the front desk lovely woman, and Norma, wow. She went like you above and beyond, at times my patience must have tested her like never before I am sure and my ignorance of the business, my dyslexia, OCD and depression all played a part in making it hard for her to help me but, she did. She saved me many many times and kept her kindness patience and above all sense of humor throughout.

I am a complete 1000% satisfied customer, you do this all the time but I wanted you to know I am a man with a simple brain, a simple life who works hard and got into a situation that would have crippled me for the rest of my life. You gave me my future back, you gave me my ability to walk head held high and to make better decisions, say no , and know that people in my life, you, do care, are amazing and can follow through as I do with my clients.

Thank you,


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