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Protecting Your Property and Assets

Many people in financial distress think that by filing bankruptcy, they will lose everything they have. In fact, the vast majority of people can keep all of their property and get debt relief at the same time. California bankruptcy law provides for exemptions that can keep property out of the reach of the bankruptcy trustee and creditors.

Giovanni Orantes has a comprehensive understanding of our bankruptcy laws, including exemption schedules. When our firm represents you in a bankruptcy filing, Mr. Orantes will use his knowledge to protect your property while seeking to reduce your debts to the greatest degree possible, given your circumstances.

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California Bankruptcy Property Exemptions

California is unique among states in that it has two sets of bankruptcy exemptions. Those specified under Section 703 mirror the federal property exemptions. Section 704 specifies a different set of exemptions. The bankruptcy petitioner must choose either one or the other set of exemptions. Giovanni Orantes will analyze your situation and recommend the best course of action for you.

Item Section 703 Section 704
Homestead $18,675

$50,000 if single and not disabled

$75,000 for families

$150,000 if 65 or older, physically or mentally disabled

Motor vehicles $2,975 $2,300
Personal property (furnishings, household goods, apparel, appliances, books, animals, crops and musical instruments) $475 per item 100 percent exempt
Jewelry $1,225 $6,075
Wild card $1,000 NA
Tools of the trade $1,875 $6,075
Health Aids 100 percent exempt 100 percent exempt
401(k), IRA, 529 and pension accounts 100 percent exempt 100 percent exempt, with some limitations
Public benefits 100 percent exempt 100 percent exempt
Unmatured life insurance 100 percent exempt 100 percent exempt
Life insurance accrued value, interest or loan value $9,975 Up to $9,700
Building materials NA $2,425

The above table covers only a partial list of exemptions and, in your case, other exemptions may be available. Married couples may double some of the listed exemptions under Section 704. Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney Giovanni Orantes will take full advantage of all available exemptions to protect as much of your property as possible.

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