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Bankruptcy Attorney Los Angeles & Orange County, CA

Los Angeles, Irvine, Koreatown, Woodland Hills and San Fernando Valley Foreclosure Defense Attorney

An experienced bankruptcy lawyer can help you address any concerns you may have, whether you are looking for a fresh start or you want to find a way to save your business. Make sure you do everything you can to explore your options and find solutions. At the Orantes Law Firm, our Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney is ready to help you face a wide range of debt-related concerns. Over the past 20 years, we have helped individuals and businesses across Southern California get honest answers about their rights and options, so they can move forward and protect their financial future.

Make the Law Work for You 

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy: Giving you immediate relief by putting an end to creditor harassment and wage garnishment, Chapter 7 will allow you to wipe out your dischargeable debt in just a few months.
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy: With a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the funds you have left over after you pay for your family’s reasonable expenses are usually considered. Therefore, by creating a payment plan you can afford, Chapter 13 will put an immediate end to foreclosure and help you erase your debt within three to five years.
  • Chapter 11 bankruptcy for businesses and non-profit entities: As one of only a few lawyers in Los Angeles County handling Chapter 11 bankruptcy for both large and small businesses as well as individuals, attorney Orantes can help you find debt solutions for your business. Mr. Orantes has represented businesses with hundreds of millions of dollars in annual income as well as businesses with only a few hundred thousand dollars a month or less. Mr. Orantes also has represented several non-profit entities who traditionally have enjoyed even greater flexibility in Chapter 11 reorganizations that for-profit businesses.
  • Chapter 11 bankruptcy for individuals: Chapter 11 bankruptcy is not just available for businesses. If you have a viable business if only you could reduce the amount you pay on your debts for a few years, Chapter 11 might be the right bankruptcy for you.
  • Home foreclosuresThe moment you file for any type of bankruptcy, you put an immediate stop to home foreclosure. Giving you the immediate relief you need, we will have the time to help you look for long-term solutions, which the various bankruptcy chapters (and now Subchapter V) can afford you.
  • Creditors’ rights: Handling consumer and business bankruptcy, we understand the full rights of creditors and can spot the weaknesses in a debtor’s case better than most plain creditors' attorneys as we know how to put together a debtor's reorganization strategy, which means that we know the weaknesses in a debtor's plans. We can make sure your rights are protected so your debtors do not take advantage of you.
  • Complex litigation: In addition to our bankruptcy law services, our firm is prepared to provide our clients with plaintiff and defense counsel in California courts in complex cases.

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Whatever debt-related concerns you may have, our firm is ready to help you find solutions and move forward. From our offices in Irvine, Woodland Hills, Los Angeles by Koreatown; which is also near Downtown Los Angeles,  we offer legal counsel in English and Spanish, so you can get answers in your first language. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation and learn more.