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Chapter 15 Bankruptcy Lawyer in Los Angeles

Bankruptcy can be complex, particularly if the case involves assets in a foreign country or an individual who is not a United States citizen. In these situations, Chapter 15 bankruptcy can help an individual or business seek debt relief in the U.S.


At Orantes Law Firm, we guide clients through the Chapter 15 process in Southern California. From our office in Los Angeles, we represent clients from around the world in U.S. bankruptcy proceedings. We offer our services in English and Spanish, so you can receive representation in your first language.


What Is Chapter 15 Bankruptcy?


Chapter 15 bankruptcy is specifically designed to help those who have bankruptcy proceedings in a foreign country. Chapter 15 is ancillary to your main bankruptcy in your home country. It can allow you to get relief from your debts in the U.S. in coordination with your foreign bankruptcy.


In Chapter 15, your foreign representative can also have the power to kick off a full Chapter 7, Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy in the United States. This may be necessary if you have significant debts and assets in the U.S.


Giovanni Orantes is a Chapter 15 bankruptcy attorney in Los Angeles who has been representing clients in bankruptcy since 1999. He can provide you with the straightforward advice and representation you need to secure debt relief in the U.S.


Contact a California Chapter 15 Attorney


If you have questions about the Chapter 15 process, we have answers. Contact us online to discuss your debt concerns in a free initial consultation with a lawyer.

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