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Los Angeles Bankruptcy and Real Estate Attorney

Creative Strategies for Distressed Real Estate

Attorney Giovanni Orantes has advised and represented numerous clients in matters involving distressed real estate, bankruptcy and debt relief. Mr. Orantes has a strong reputation throughout the Los Angeles area for his ability to develop creative solutions for property owners with unmanageable debt problems. Giovanni Orantes’ clients include individual homeowners, rental property owners, small businesses, developers and corporations.


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Relief From Mortgage Debt


Examples of some typical Southern California distressed real estate scenarios appear below. Your situation is unique, and in an in-depth consultation, Giovanni Orantes can review your situation and provide you with honest answers about your rights and options.


Scenario 1 — You have large unsecured debts that you can no longer service and you own a mortgaged property you want to keep. You file Chapter 7 bankruptcy to liquidate your unsecured debts, and after that you file a Chapter 13 that reorganizes your debts.


Scenario 2 — You have a commercial project in progress with construction loans. You file Chapter 11 bankruptcy, allowing you to retain ownership of the property. The Chapter 11 buys you the time you need to firm up your financial position.


Scenario 3 — You own a home with multiple mortgages. You file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy that allows you to strip the second and third mortgages. You get to keep your house, and you have greater cash flow, which enables you to pay your first mortgage.


Scenario 4 — Strategic default. You own a home that is underwater, and you have no prospect of ever getting above water. You make a rational decision to walk away from the house, but not before you make some important purchases such as a new car or even a new home.


Numerous other mortgage relief strategies may be available, including cram downs, loan modifications and short sales. All of these strategies carry significant risks, and any debt relief strategy requires careful consideration.


Giovanni Orantes has the experience and insights that can guide you to the right decision. Mr. Orantes can explain your options, discuss their advantages and disadvantages, and provide the advice you need.


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