Creditors & Chapter 11

If you are a creditor who is owed money by a business that has filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the lawyer you choose to represent you can make the difference between collecting all of the money you are owed and receiving pennies on the dollar. It often takes a lawyer who is experienced in filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy to defeat a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing.

At the Orantes Law Firm in Los Angeles, our lawyers help creditors collect debts from businesses in Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings. We also help business owners file Chapter 11. As a result, we understand both the rights of creditors and the responsibilities of debtors in the state of California. We offer a free initial consultation to look at your debt collection problem and give you honest answers about your rights and options.

Defeating a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Filing in California

While the Chapter 11 bankruptcy includes an automatic stay to protect debtors from collections, there are rules and regulations in place to protect the rights of creditors. Our lawyers understand the pressure points that can enable us to defeat a Chapter 11 bankruptcy and help you recover the money you are owed. We also know how to protect you from being sued by other creditors for preference payments. 

If the Chapter 11 bankruptcy goes forward, our lawyers can help unsecured creditors improve their payment priority. For example, if you are an unsecured creditor in line behind a secured creditor, such as a bank, we may be able to uncover defects in the loan agreement that will eliminate the bank’s priority. If you are in the produce or fruits business, we can help you perfect your rights under PACA and move you to the front of the line ahead of other creditors.

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