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Los Angeles Property Liens Lawyer

If you have a lien on real property that is included in a bankruptcy filing, it’s important to seek the help of an experienced creditors’ rights attorney. While the bankruptcy process is designed to help debtors, there are rules and regulations in place to protect the rights of lien holders as well.


At the Orantes Law Firm, in Los Angeles, lawyer
Giovanni Orantes is dedicated to protecting the rights of lien holders in bankruptcy. We represent banks, leasing companies and other businesses that hold liens on property such as real estate, office equipment, manufacturing equipment and vehicles in Southern California. We offer a free initial consultation to look at the challenges you face and give you honest answers about your rights and options.


Obtaining Relief From the Automatic Stay


Bankruptcy includes an automatic stay to prevent lien holders from foreclosing on or repossessing property. However, lien holders can file a motion for relief from this stay. The key issue in obtaining relief is to establish your right to the property with admissible evidence. If this motion is filed carelessly or without proper evidence, you could face significant consequences such as:


  • Dismissal of your motion
  • Fines
  • Loss of collateral
  • Payment of the other side’s legal expenses


Our goal in any bankruptcy case is to help you get paid on time and with interest, without loss or erosion of your property.


Contact Los Angeles Home and Property Lien Attorney Giovanni Orantes


For more information about protecting your lien interests in a bankruptcy, call 213-389-4362 or contact us by e-mail to schedule a free initial consultation. Se habla español.

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