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Protecting Your Rights and Interests

After a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a secured creditor may retain lien rights over the property in question, allowing it to seize control of that property. If the bankruptcy petitioner wants to retain possession of the property, the petitioner may be able to reach an agreement to “reaffirm” the debt. Such reaffirmation agreements are quite common for car loans, though they can be used to affirm other secured debts in bankruptcy. The bankruptcy trustee can object to a reaffirmation agreement if the trustee sees an irregularity, though this rarely if ever happens when the debtor is represented by a lawyer.

At Orantes Law Firm, we assist clients in obtaining all types of reaffirmation agreements. Our experience enables us to efficiently review these documents and file them on time so that our clients are protected from repossession.

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Efficient and Thorough Review of Reaffirmation Agreements 

As a debtor who reaffirms a debt, you have certain rights. The creditor must provide you with information about the amount of the debt, the interest rate when payments are to begin and filing information at the court. Giovanni Orantes will thoroughly review these documents for accuracy and file them with the court. You will have confidence, knowing that an experienced bankruptcy lawyer is protecting your interests.

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