Debt collector backpedals after woman challenges their tactics

In the past, we have talked about the extreme (and illegal) measures that debt collectors will employ to try and extract money from people. The supposedly in-debt party may not even owe money; or the debt collectors may not even have the legal grounds to even make such a request; and yet, there they are, making a harassing phone call at an hour when most people are asleep.

Knowing your rights as either an in-debt party or as an individual who recently completed payment of past debts is crucial — and the following story highlights this fact better than most.

A woman who did not owe any money (at least to her knowledge) consistently received debt collection calls over the past seven months. The firm in charge of collecting her debt labeled her a “person of interest” and left a voicemail on her phone that seemed to threaten legal action against her. When she pushed back and handed the voicemail over to investigators, the collection agency quickly backtracked on their hard line stance, saying the voicemail was meant for someone else.

They substantiated this by saying maybe the woman had an old phone number or that maybe she was listed as a contact for them to call for some reason. Ultimately, a spokesperson for the company said he is “not too sure” why she got the call, while simultaneously admitting that the company casts a wide net to try and collect money.

He said their agency “leaves as many messages as possible” and that they are purposely “vague” to try and do right by their clients, who are owed money by others.

The story is a prime example of how some of these debt collectors operate: they know there are rules that limit their tactics, but they skirt these laws anyways. Consult a legal representative when these calls start coming in is, as your attorney can protect you from illegal or extreme tactics by collectors.

Source: WOOD TV8, “Fla. debt collector stops calling woman,” Henry Erb, March 28, 2013

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