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Timely and Decisive Action to Protect Your Rights

When you face an imminent crisis such as a looming foreclosure or collection judgment, an emergency bankruptcy filing may be necessary. Such a filing can protect your property and interests, and give you valuable time to mount an appropriate legal response.

At Orantes Law Firm, we react quickly when clients call. Attorney Giovanni Orantes’ extensive experience in bankruptcy matters enables him to efficiently analyze a client’s situation and develop an appropriate response.

If you face a crisis and need help, Giovanni Orantes will take timely and decisive action on your behalf. Contact our firm today for a free consultation.

Before meeting with us to discuss your situation, collect all relevant documents and bring them to our meeting. Giovanni Orantes can tell you what documents he will need in order to properly review your case.

Stopping Foreclosure, Repossession, and Garnishment

Filing Chapter 7, Chapter 13 or Chapter 11 bankruptcy puts an automatic stay on foreclosure, repossession, and garnishment. This stops creditors from taking any further action against you until your bankruptcy hearing. This stay will also give Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney Giovanni Orantes time to develop an appropriate strategy.

Even if our firm does not file bankruptcy for you immediately, we can take actions to delay threatened actions. For example, we have 10 days to respond after you receive a garnishment notice. When we respond, we will have an additional 14 days during which we can complete and collect documents. Giovanni Orantes will use this time to your advantage, by developing a strategy and action plan.

Collection Lawsuits

If you have been sued in a debt collection matter or you are about to lose a collection lawsuit, Orantes Law Firm, can file an emergency bankruptcy petition. This essentially freezes things where they are, preventing the creditor or any other creditor from gaining control of your assets. We can then develop an appropriate plan of action. Get legal help today.

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